Beautiful Day


Magic mat is Eco-friendly, Fast Absorbent, Quick Dry and Antibacterial & Mould-resistant Bath Mat, a must to have accessories in your home to deal with the wet areas like kitchen, bathroom, laundry etc.

Dimensions: 60cm (width) X 39cm (Length) X 0.9cm (Height)

The sandpaper and non-slip are included in the package.

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Excellent Absorption & Quick Drying

Antibacterial & Mould Resistant

Eco Firendly & Anti-Slip

Easy To Clean

Super Absorption & Quick Drying

Magic mats consist of the substance which features super absorption and quick drying. Our Diatomite bath mats will keep your floor dry and clean always by absorbing the water from the feet when you come out from your shower or bathtub and the watermarks will vanish within 3 minutes.

You will feel a very magical experience when the water is being sucked from your feet onto the Diatomite bath mats.

Mould Resistant & Anti-slip

Magic mats are antibacterial and will keep house wet areas always hygiene. Our bath mats are tolerant to the most used wet areas across the house and mould resistant with quick absorbent features.

Our diatomite bath mats are built with a hard anti-slip surface by considering the risk factors falls or slips while using the wet areas and will make you feel safer when using these in your bathrooms.

Easy Clean & Maintain

Have you got tired of dealing with the traditional cloth or other fabric bath mats which involve regular cleaning with harmful liquids to get rid of dirt and gems?

Now you can get rid of these by replacing regular bath mats with our diatomite magic mats which don’t need regular washing any more compared to traditional bath mats. If you happen to see any stains just wash it under running water and use the given sandpaper gently grinding the mat surface then wipe the particles with a soft wet cloth or sponge.


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